CAPSE Report is an in-depth multidimensional data product, which provides data support, case studies and decision support for civil aviation entities. Report gives entities feedback on passenger opinions, suggestions...More∨


    Service Monitoring System: Sense is a system platform developed specially for airlines and airports, It monitors the data about their services in real time. Based on CAPSE’s big data sources, Sense provides airlines ...More∨


    Customized special survey services for civil aviation entities including different routes, featured services, directional passengers, service investment and so on will satisfy their different personalized needs.


    Civil aviation passenger service data can be integrated scientifically into HUB, a customized enterprise service management system, which is established for airlines and airports.With the support of mobility,technology and ...More∨


    With the integration of civil aviation service standards and international monitoring regulations, CAISE focuses on solving the supervision needs from frontline service, making the industry evaluation APP by...More∨


    NASP displays civil aviation entities’ services in segments so that travelers could check differentiated services of airlines or airports directly via OTA platforms, increases media exposure for entities’ service ...More∨


Data Visualization-Oriented Service Reform

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Intelligent Service Makes Efficient Travel

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Big Data of Civil Aviation Services

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Civil Aviation Passenger Service Evaluation Report is based on passengers' true experience and is aimed to assist airports and airlines to analyze their service levels.

Evaluation Data

Provides insights into passengers’ behavior and trends in real time

Comprehensive Statistical Analysis

Assistance with products and services optimization based on the revealing weaknesses

Various Qustionnaires Supported

Different methods can be used in accordance with different customers’ needs

Simplified Interface Makes Better User Experience

Monthly reports according to customers’ specific requirements


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